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The Secret 3 Step Process to Grow

10,000 IG Followers in 30-90 Days



Learn the Secret Instagram Algorithm Strategies Big Influencers use to Build a Super Influential Instagram Brand to 100,000 Followers and Beyond Without Sleazy Tactics and Methods that Don't Work Anymore in 2020.


We've worked with brands, such as

In This Training You'll Learn:

  1. How To 10x Your Followers Organically by ethically stealing your competitors followers without wasting your time, money or having to be afraid of getting your reach dropped.

  2. The BIGGEST Mistake most Instagrammers make and how to FIX it.
  3. How The IG Algorithm Works and which 3 Metrics you NEED to trigger for organic growth.
  4. Explode Your Engagement and FIX the Shadowban (Untapped Method) by turning your Followers into True Fans.
  5. ​Step-by-Step 1,000 Followers Roadmap
  6. Breakdown: How I Made $15k with a SMALL IG Audience
  7. DOWNLOAD: Curated & High Performing Hashtags + 7 Growth Hacks PDF

The Instagram World Has Been Changing in A BIG Way 😦

Whether you've been stuck on the sidelines waiting for the "right moment" to start growing your Instagram brand, or you've been struggling to get the life-changing Instagram growth you've been hoping for ... 2020 (especially because of it's real life absurdity) can be the big breakthrough year you've been waiting for.

So much has changed - and there's NOTHING but room at the top for Instagram Creators who are prepared to take advantage of these shifts and go with the times.

Join me to get fully updated on what it takes to really start, build and grow a successful Instagram brand in 2020 and beyond.

This Training Series Is A MUST Attend if...

  • You want to JUMPSTART your Instagram and do the right things from the start.
  • If you're an existing Instagram Creator who wants to GROW LIKE CRAZY and become 'friends with the algorithm'.
  • If you want to learn the biggest secrets behind Instagram growth to not only get explosive growth, but also an engaged and true fanbase.

A Personal Invite From Dominik

I've been helping Instagrammers grow for the past few years

I've seen the changes that come and go and I've analyzed them for the past 1.5 years with real world data from hundreds of clients and big influencers.

I've discovered why for some Instagrammers just seem to be unaffected and seem to continue to grow no matter what algorithm change might come along.

This brand new, fresh 90 Minute On-Demand-Training is the culmination of EVERYTHING I've learned for the past years for clients, as well as myself in building and growing a highly engaged Instagram audience from scratch.

If you're committed to making 2020 the year you finally jumpstart your Instagram & Online Brand, I can't wait to cut that learning curve and help you get the faster and with never before shared secrets about Instagram and its Algorithm.

See you inside,


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